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How it works:

Starting with the Free Discovery Call:

  • See where you are in relation to burnout at work & how it extends to other areas of your life.

  • You deserve to be witnessed and heard.

  • I am not here to pour glitter on your wounds to make it look pretty. We are in this space to heal.

  • Together, we define where you want to go.

  • I provide you with the support & strategy to take the first step that SAMEDAY.  

  • This is where the healing and the transformation begin.

  • Each session is confidential.

  • No pressure to bring any particular topics to the table, I got you!

  • If we mutually agree we are a good fit to work together, there will be an opportunity to enroll in my 6 week Nurse Your Brain, 1:1 Coaching Program.

Authentic Results

Upon Completing The Nurse Your Brain
6 Week Program
You will have learned the tools to...

  • No longer allow emotions from work to overrun your life in and out of work.

  • Find your sense of belonging.

  • No longer devalue yourself by indulging in imposter syndrome.

  • Care for a demanding patient with ease.

  • Be able to love yourself more.

  • Disarm your inner critic (AKA: Not be a jerk to yourself).

  • Find meaningful & actionable takeaways to use in everyday life.

  • Have power in situations, instead of the situation having power over you.

  • Improve your relationships with coworkers .

  • Increase your resiliency in difficult situations.

  • Handle working with your out-of-touch manager.

  • Show up with courage to voice your opinions at meetings.

  • See how you can confidently ask for support when you need it.

Total Cost of Self-Investment


One time payment or payment plans available.

Bonus Services Include:

  • Question Prompt Worksheets Each Week

  • On-Call Coach: Text coaching in between sessions on Whats App

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