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What I know so far...

Working as an Oncology Nurse for over 15 years,

I'm familiar with burnout.

From the beginning of my career I've tried to compartmentalize my life, making sure one area of my life didn't affect another.

I relied on , "Stuff down all your emotions so you can function" routine.

That led to feelings of anger, frustration and isolation towards work & loved ones who "just didn't understand."

What I now know to be true: 

Our one marvelous human brain goes with us everywhere, there is no true compartmentalizing of our lives.

 As a coach, I continue to learn tools that help us embrace life, even the "messy parts".  

Even with the learned techniques, there will continue to be overwhelm, shame, frustration, ect..., but because of the skills I have learned & implemented, those moments do not last nearly as long.

I lean into discomfort, moving through thoughts and emotions.


I founded Triage Coaching to help Nurses learn new skills to flourish through their difficulties and find the version of themselves they have longed to meet.

Now, let's chat!



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